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Flame Aromatic Humidifier

Flame Aromatic Humidifier

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Create the ideal atmosphere for your home

One of the joys of this life is a good and delicious aroma. With this aroma diffuser and its dazzling flame effect, you can bring an atmosphere of relaxation, rejuvenation, elegance and beauty to the spaces you want.

Elegant flame diffuser: With a capacity of 150ml, enjoy a captivating flame effect that you can change up to 7 more different and vivid colors.
Completely safe: the flame effect is achieved thanks to the emission of a fine mist after applying the oils and it is safe to touch and have in any space. 
Relaxing Aromatherapy: Create a comforting and relaxing space by applying just 2 or 3 drops of essential oil fragrance. Ideal for aromatherapy sessions, to accompany your workspace or beautify your home.
Adjustable Timer: For your convenience, set it to run for 1, 3 or up to 5 hours and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy without worrying about leaving it on for too long.
Compact and elegant: If you want to improve the aesthetic enjoyment of any space, this is the ideal product for you. Its design and elegant appearance fits and enhances the atmosphere of any space.
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